What I do:

I am a mother of two little ones who is extremely passionate about building my dream business by helping other moms and female entrepreneurs build theirs. I have over five years experience in the entrepreneurial world and have been using social media to sell my products and services the majority of that time. I prefer to build authentic and genuine relationships with dream clients through social media. This is why I do not use bots or any sort of automation on Instagram.


Through my 1 on 1 Instagram engagement and strategy program, the monthly group program, and my in-person classes, I educate you on how to grow your Instagram using the proven strategies and techniques to attract your ideal clients. Selling via Instagram is possible and can be made easier.

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Instagram Growth - Engagement & Management

I help grow your Instagram account in a genuine and 100% authentic way to attract your dream ideal clients. The Instagram algorithm “rewards” accounts that are active and engaging on a regular basis. With all the other aspects of building a business, along with taking care of things in your personal life, many people don’t have the time or energy to spend engaging with others. With my proven strategies, your account will grow, become more engaged, and you will begin to attract more of your dream clients to your page.

I will spend five hours a week analyzing, strategizing, engaging and tracking. I will track all of the hashtags you use to find commonalities and see which are most effective. Along with that I will research and follow hashtags specific to your niche and advise on better hashtag use. Lastly, I will grow your account with potential dream clients by following, liking, and commenting on targeted accounts.

I do not use bots or any form of automation. You do not need to worry about your account being shutdown or shadowbanned with any of my methods or hashtag research.

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Never again will you have to research hashtags or worry about getting shadowbanned. All of our hashtags are researched and safe. This monthly membership group is perfect for coaches of all varieties, network marketers, affiliate marketers, brick and mortar shop owners and more. If you’re a small business, this group can and will benefit you. ⁣

  • Access to hundreds, and soon thousands of hashtags sort into different groups. ⁣

  • Hundreds of new researched hashtags added monthly.⁣

  • Access to a private members only Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback from others.⁣

  • 1 Live group coaching call every month.⁣

  • Don’t see many hashtags related to your business/niche? No problem, let us know and we’ll add them to the list asap!⁣

  • Instagram strategy tips as new info/algorithm changes are released.⁣