I express gratitude for my acne

I know you might be thinking, "What? Is she crazy?!". Here's the deal: we all know that expressing gratitude daily for the things around us is important. It helps keep us grounded, more calm, reduce anxiety, etc. 

Well expressing gratitude for something negative in your life can help show you the lessons in order to change and solve the situation or problem. 

On Saturday I was driving to meet a friend for tea. It was a little over 20 minutes away, so I was able to do some soul searching and thinking. I started thinking about how my skin was looking pretty bad: it was broken out and scarred from a recent breakout. I decided against makeup that morning because I know my skin just needs to breathe and I want it to get better. I decided to then say out loud, "I am grateful for my skin acne. It is showing me that I have to relax and slow down a little bit. The stress over the acne isn't helping it, and maybe I haven't been eating the cleanest lately. Thank you for showing me this."

Instantly I felt a positive shift in my body. I felt calmer and happier. I didn't care about how my skin looked. Since then I've felt more relaxed about my skin. I'm making sure to eat the right things, drink lots of water, meditate more, and keep up with the healthy skincare. It is hard when you have your first big talk on stage in front of a bunch of people coming up in a few days! 

I can honestly say that the gratitude shifted my body and my skin has been looking better the last few days. 

It is super hard to be grateful for things that bring us down, cause us anxiety, and make us sad, but those are the things that we need to be grateful for the most! Those are where the lessons lie. Those are where the shifts occur when we start to make positive changes in our life.

So go on! Be grateful for your acne, spilling coffee on your brand new shirt, being late to a meeting, or having a less than ideal financial situation. You can change our life into your dream life. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start now!

Unedited - No Filter - No Makeup (Except Red Lipstick)

Unedited - No Filter - No Makeup (Except Red Lipstick)